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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

All of our products are manufactured in our factory in La Mirada, CA.
Located 8 miles from Disneyland (The happiest place on Earth!).
We don't import any of our jars or caps, and don't sell any products made by other manufacturers.

How do I buy your products? Where's the shopping cart?

We don't sell on our website. Our products are sold mainly through our network of packaging distributors. They can provide you with local support, local stock, as well as get you access to other packaging that we don't manufacture. If you call or email us, we will point you to the best distributor to serve your needs.

Do you offer lined caps?

Yes! We can line with virtually any liner, and keep many lined caps in stock. Our most popular liners are PE Foam (F217), Pressure-Sensitive, FS5-9/S70 Universal Clean-Peel, and HS035/20F Universal Weld-Seal. Contact us with your requirements.

Can you do custom colors for your jars and caps?

Yes! We can run in any color you need. Custom runs are subject to a minimum order quantity; typically 25,000 pieces, but it varies by product, so contact us for details. And don't worry, no maximum order quantity!

Does Omega do any printing or labeling?

Yes! We currently offer the following services:

What is special about Omega's Sealing Discs?

Why should I use Omega's Frosted Double-Wall Jar? Give me 3 reasons.

  1. A greener alternative !
    The inner, outer, and cap are all polypropylene (PP), so now the whole package can be recycled as Type #5 plastic. Typical frosted double wall jars with a PS outer are Mixed Type #7 "Other" plastic.
  2. Less cracking !
    Polypropylene (PP) is more shatter-resistant and chemical-resistant than polystyrene (PS).
  3. Money !
    Our PP Frosted double-wall jar offers cost savings of over 30% vs. the traditional jars with PS outers.
  4. It's a great-looking jar !
    Ok, you only asked for 3 reasons, but they really do look great.

Why is your website so plain and simple, bordering on ugly?

We spend most of our resources on our machinery, molds, automation, and other equipment that allow us to make a quality product and continually lower our costs. We spend very little on sales and marketing. Fortunately for us, we have a network of distributors who are great at those functions. Also, the main purpose of our website is to convey product information to our distributors in a quick and easy way. Flash animation, javascript, video, and other eye-catching features just slow the site down and make it take longer to get to what you're really looking for. If you have any suggestions or comments about our website, please let us know by sending an email to: webmaster@omegapkg.com.

Why do you use goldfish in your product photos? Just to be silly?

Yes, sometimes we're a little silly, and it makes for a nice snack after photo shoots. But there's also a practical purpose. Using a product that everyone is familiar with makes it easy for people to visualize the relative size of the package. This is also the reason we place the package in a setting with other commons items. And it turns out Oreos or popcorn are too big for our smaller jars. Peanuts, Froot Loops, and coffee beans are inconsistent in size. M&M's and Skittles disappear before we finish taking the photos.
DISCLAIMER: No actual goldfish were harmed or put in danger at any time.